A promotion is designed as a limited time offer that’s used to increase awareness and sales of a product or service. Promotions are prizes or rewards that apply to an order during processing. A successful promotion will achieve a measurable boost in sales by lowering the risk to buy a product and incentivizing consumers to purchase now. You can accelerate promotions with a promotions engine.

Easily configure and manage your promotions without the need for a software developer or IT staff.

Creating promotions is simple! Whether you are running promotions that are basic or very complex,

the promotions engine makes it easy for you to create, configure, and launch promotions.

Promotions are crucial for motivating shoppers and brand partners to complete a purchase.

Increase your sales and attract more customers by creating discounts on select products,

scheduling a specific promotion for a period of time, or offering customers a free gift when they purchase an item in a new catalog.

Keep your buyers motivated with incentives to earn free products for referring their friends and family.

The Customer Referral program is included in the Promotions Engine and enables you to easily define all the parameters around an award,

such as the number of customers referred, the date range, and the product earned.

Inspire Your Reps and Customers.

Promotions aren’t just for special occasions and holidays!

Boost your mlm business and revenue year-round with retention-focused promotions with CONCORDIA Promotion Engine.

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Standard Promotion

Offering standard promotions and special offers to your potential customers drives sales, increases conversion rates, and encourages repeat purchases. The Promotions Engine supports a wide variety of promotion types and variables, so you can easily execute marketing campaigns from basic to complex.

Enrollment Promotion

Drive new brand partner sign-ups with product discounts, complimentary products, free shipping, or special offers during the enrollment process. Try offering 20% off product packages for a very limited time.

SmartShip Promotions

Get creative by rewarding brand partners based on qualifying SmartShip orders. Try buy-three-get-one-free discounts or prizes for being on the same SmartShip for every X consecutive periods..

Stacking Promotion

This feature allows you to award multiple discounts to customers within a single order. Stacking would apply when you want to offer free shipping for orders more than $100 while also offering a 15% discount for preferred customers.

Limitless Flexibility

Empower marketing and sales to drive innovative campaigns in response to shifts in market demand. Create unlimited types of promotions to increase sales and encourage repeat business.

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