The CONCORDIA Commissions Engine is easy-to-use, convenient, and, most importantly, accurate. When it comes to your payouts, nothing is more critical for you and your field than accurate commissions.

More than 2,000 Compensation Plans Launched

With the ability to pay commissions in multiple currencies, model potential compensation plan changes, or even maintain multiple, separate, and disconnected plans, our Commissions Engine can handle your compensation plan with ease.

360° Visibility

With CONCORDIA, it’s simple to see where the commissions come from and understand every detail on how someone was paid, including where the volume came from, who placed orders, the items in each order, and any promotional discounts.

Detailed Reporting

Our advanced commission reporting provides the perfect mix of drill-down detail and high-level summaries to keep both the corporate and field sales teams up to date on bonus payments and qualifications. Projection reporting keeps reps updated on their commissions progress throughout the month.

Complete Corporate Visibility

Gain insight and understanding of how your representatives are performing based on the compensation plan.

CONCORDIA offers total visibility into where bonuses are being paid,

the percentage of payout as well as the ability to see trendline information.

CONCORDIA allows corporate to model various plan changes such as commission rates, volume thresholds,

and numeric qualifications to help you design the most effective plan.

See how potential changes will affect the field — how will it adjust the payouts and how many new people will rank up if you adjust a volume amount.

Reduce support requests from the field with self-service compensation reporting.

Empower representatives to view commission summaries, statements and historical records of each payout.

Projection reporting keeps representatives updated on their commissions progress throughout the month.

Common Compensation Plans

The most common MLM compensation plans are designed for selling products one-on-one to consumers.

These plans include Uni-level, Hybrid, Binary, and Matrix.

Each MLM compensation plan contains unique attributes and incentives to motivate the sales team to meet the individual and company goals.

Party and Team Building Compensation Plans

Group selling compensation plans focus on selling products to several consumers at a time.

These plans include Party Plan, Social Selling, Stairstep, Breakaway, Generations, and Overrides.

These compensation plans are ideal for companies with products that sell best when they are explained or demonstrated.

Upline Compensation Plans

CONCORDIA software supports a wide variety of unique compensation plans, including

Australian 2-Up, Pass-Up plans, Coding, Coding Groups, and Custom plans.

These plans are ideal for companies looking to compensate their salesforce in ways that are less common and more specialized.

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